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'WUTHERING HEIGHTS' 3rd Merlin DESIGN  by Miles A James 2004

MERLIN ROCKET 3646 (Wuthering Heights)

merlin rocket wuthering heights  merlin rocket 3646 revarnished

History in the making (June 2013): Mr Keith Callaghan  (professional designer of Merlin Rockets) visits and has a sail in a design that is
not one of his own. A thoroughly enjoyable sail, and 'Wuthering Heights' performed well.

Miles James and Keith Callaghan  

A quick pose for the cameras, and a strategy chat, then off to look for dolphins.


Obviously Keith reckons I'm going to miss that boat.

  Miles James and Keith Callaghan go for a sail 

Testing the Humpback Whale fin rudder! 

Since Keith's visit 3646 has been undergoing some rig modifications specifically eliminating about 5kg of strings and pulleys (as shown in
photo below) and replacing with a gadget!! Also had a visit from Ian 'Mucky' McCabe (Mike Goulding Team Preparateur and Composite
Technician) who enlightened me on the secrets of carbon composite construction. So watch this space. 'Wuthering Heights Too'  might not
be far away.

merlin rocket 3646 one string  

Above are the before and after pictures, on the left the 'standard' mass of controls, on the right the 'Gadget System' by 'Me'

merlin rocket curves merlin rocket ready

     The Humpback Whale rudder blade


STORM CHASER 4th Merlin DESIGN  by Miles A James 2004


Wuthering Heights is the one I built - 3646

At Inland Championships Bala 2005, as boat had not been measured by time of the Championships
I was allowed to start after every one else, on condition that I retired at end of each race.

Photo taken at 1st windward mark, I overhauled 7 boats on the first beat, she shows promise.

Last updated 8th Sept,
Launch had been postponed due to caravan site purchase! Yr Helyg, The Willows. Abersoch

Latest picture 9th Sept 2005



2009 Redecked and 100mm extra freeboard added to bow. (extra plank)

Wuthering Heights now has full one-string control, of mast, vang lowers etc.

Random pictures? Click here


Initial Frames  
Hog Fairing  
First few planks and keel  
Ready for coming off frames  
Off frames, prior to gunwhale trimming  
Molds for centre tunnel  
Front Tank in Carbon  
Starting carbon layup of centre tunnel  
Centre tunnel in carbon
Front tank after polishing  
Test fit of finished tank and tunnel
Deck beams being prepared